Smart Settings

Smart Settings 3.01

Customize your phone security and interface

Smart Settings is an application that lets you alter the user interface of your phone to make it easier to use. View full description


  • Adds useful functions to your phone
  • Lots of customization possible


  • Could be more user friendly

Very good

Smart Settings is an application that lets you alter the user interface of your phone to make it easier to use.

The first thing you can do with Smart Settings is associate your favorite phone apps and games to number keys. This allows you access to your apps in two key strokes. The next feature, Easy Unlock, allows you define the unlock keypad combination, and change the "unlock" message that appears on screen too.

The Auto Lock feature in Smart Settings allows your phone to lock the keypad after a set amount of time, and choose applications that can override this. This is designed to stop accidental phone calls, a problem most people will have had! In Security, you can choose to extend your phone lock code making it harder for people to guess, and also harder to remember.

If you're not happy with your phone's interface, Smart Settings is a neat little application that gives you a bit of flexibility. Personalizing how it works also makes it much harder for strangers to use, so it has some security benefits beyond its security settings.

Smart Settings is a great way to customize your user interface and improve its basic security to boot.

Smart Settings


Smart Settings 3.01

User reviews about Smart Settings

  • Samied

    by Samied

    "my question.,.,!!!"

    smart setting for hp nokia 2330c???? help me pliss.,.,. coz i'll be protect my phone My friends are ignorant of T_T. More.

    reviewed on August 30, 2010

  • TurkiPE

    by TurkiPE

    "It is useful in all possible way !! 10/10"

    I have been using this program long enough to realize its importance and how it makes things easy to access. now I chan... More.

    reviewed on August 31, 2009

  • Codry

    by Codry

    "registration key????:("

    nice program................................................i like . More.

    reviewed on April 28, 2009

  • rradhay

    by rradhay


    also forgot to mention the 'smart settings' program removes the left selection key binding to lock the phone on the 6600... More.

    reviewed on October 4, 2007

  • rradhay

    by rradhay


    Made the phone tonnes more user friendly and practically usable and also speeded up the 6600 by providing quick access s... More.

    reviewed on October 4, 2007